Bon Odori Festival – A mixture of cultures

September 9, 2008

Nakano Sakaue:
Men and women, boys and girls, dressed in yukata’s danced to traditional Japanese music while friends and loved ones watched on eating yakisoba and drinking 300 yen beer.The surroundings were surreal. Giant skyscrappers launch upward all around the concrete park that is situated in the middle. To make it more dramatic it was slightly raining and lightening could be seen in the far distance between the towering buildings.

The music changed to disco and the old dancers looked at each other with confusion. With true Japanese boshido spirit, they tried to dance to the disco music in traditional Japanese style. To my amazement they pulled it off.

Mr. Yakamoto decided to sit this festival out so i was on my own trying to blend in. I sat across from a gentleman and started talking about disco music. A couple of minutes later the thunderstorm hit directly above us so everyone pulled out their umbrellas and continued on like nothing had happened.

Feeling a bit peckish, i headed to McDonalds with my new friend in tow. We pounded back some grease while making two new French friends from Paris. After finishing up our meals, Go, Zak, Jean, and Sachiko, Go’s wife who joined us, and I, headed to a local watering hole where we caught up with the global gossip. Good times were had by all.

Note to self: The Hub, happy hour, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 190 yen gin and tonics.

Here’s a good 360 degree of where i live: