Tales from Tokyo

A young female veterinarian student was looking for a place to work full time after graduation. She called a hospital in Hachijoji and was quizzed over the phone of her medical knowledge. After passing the quiz, she was called in for a two day one night stay interview.

When she arrived, she was told that if she was to make a mistake she would have to give one of her pubic hairs to the old owner who kept tally of their mistakes, and pubic hairs, on a white board in the lunch room. She was also told that she would not have a day off for the first month and that she would have to sleep over three nights a week.

The old female receptionist who was in charge of staff when the owner was away gave the impression of being the owner’s wife. However, this was proven wrong when his real wife arrived at the hospital where the three of them, as it was told later, would go off for a ménage à trois weekend getaway.


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