Immigration from Japan to Canada

January 20, 2010

After getting married in Japan, i now have the mammoth task of compiling information and filling out forms for my wife and I to immigrate to Canada.  I will try to keep an update on the affair – one to help me keep on track and the other to help others like myself who are searching in the dark for answers. Each case is different. I’m married with no children and no co-signer so this is what i will focus on.

The break down

There are 3 parts to immigration:

1 Part – Sponsor (Canadian) – 5 X forms
— Application to Sponsor and Undertaking
— Sponsorship Evaluation
— Sponsorship Agreement
— Sponsorship Questionnaire
— Document Checklist

2 Part – Immigrant (Japanese) – 4 Xforms
— Sponsored Spouse/Partner Questionnaire
— Additional Family Information
— Schedule 1 Background / Declaration
— Application For Permanent Residence in Canada

3 Part – Country – (Japan)
— Country Specific Instructions

Getting started

Each application is a banquet meal onto it self.  I can only recommend to start early to enable you to compile the necessary information for the forms.

Immigration forms

Medical Practitioners

Criminal Check