The Jam

drumsThe kit is set up, already in place, all you have to do is sit down and strike them, but what to play? The options are endless and time is not your friend.

You pick a beat to play and then start hitting the different drums and symbols in the hope to make a tune, hoping it makes sense, hoping you are accepted.  The duff notes greet you with disharmony, and like any good student, you learn from your mistakes, you learn from your mistakes, you learn… knowing that you will never complete the song because there is no manual, no set direction, no sign.

Variety is the spice of life, we’re told, yet you only have one kit to play from.  You can’t change your kit and get a new one and you didn’t choose the kit your currently playing, it was chosen for you.  You make the most of the kit and try and hide the blemishes, scratches, and chips the kit was created with.

As time goes by the kit becomes more scratched, dented, and slightly flat. The canvase sags in the middle and the wood doesn’t smell as fresh anymore.  You beat it just the same, because you have to, because there’s no hiding from the audience.  No denying the show, the beat must go on, and on, and on… people must be entertained.


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