Midnight Train

midnighttrainThe midnight train is coming, it’s on its way.  You can’t stop it.  It knows your stop, it knows your waiting even though you didn’t ask for the ride, you were forced to be at that stop – you make the most of it.

When you see the mystic dark train you smile, accept it, embrace it – you’re obligated to ride.  Don’t worry about things you can’t change, we’re taught, worry about things you can change…

You smile in hope it’s not going to hit you.  You smile because you want it to be kind when it arrives, you smile because you’re thankful for the possible last moments of normalacy before it comes.

The smile drops as the train takes hold and turns into an nightmare coaster,. You look around searching for something to focus on, something that’s real, hoping it will stop and let you off if you focus.

The train has no intention of stopping, you’re on the ride and it will let you off, if you’re lucky, when it’s ready.  As the ride goes on time stands still.  It could be a minute, 10 minutes, an hour… it’s all the same.

When the coaster metamorphous into the same dark train and then stops.  You’re eyes glance and dialate at the doors opening back to the station.  You’re greeted with mystery.  It always leaves a present jet lag mixed with sublime Pheonix euphoria.  Where did the train take you?  Where did you go?  What message did it leave you with.; however, it hasn’t gone far.  If you put your head to the train tracks you can still feel the vibrations of it departing but you always know it’s not too far away no matter where you go in the world to try and escape it. The days after the train leaves,  you hope it doesn’t stop and  u-turn to pick you back up again for another …

Lance M. Pope 14 July 2009


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