Registering a Motor Bike in Japan

zdesukedo-img600x450-1237566809gumttu797561Registering a motor bike in any country can drag you down.  In Japan, be prepared for a migraine if you’re not well prepared.  Hopefully, thanks to my leg work and trials and errors, it will be a painless affair for you.

Step 1: Owner Material, (軽自動車届出済証返納済確認書)

Once you’ve bought your dream bike you need to get three things from the owner.

i) A receipt. 領収
ii) An orange paper that has the previous owners information on it – Transfer papers. 軽自動車届出済証返納済確認書
iii) A white paper that is the Proof Certificate Grant Bill for a light vehicle. 軽自動車届出済証返納証明書 (自動車重税用)

Step 2: Ward office、(区役所)

You have to go to the ward office to pick up a residence form (住民票). Bring your gaijin card.

Step 3: Insurance (自賠責保険証明書)

You need to buy compulsory automobile liability insurance.  You can buy this at the post office or at the Automobile Taxation Office. (Please note that if you buy insurance at the Automobile Taxation office it might be in a separate building close to the Automobile Taxation Office.)

Step 4: Your personal seal. (印鑑)

You have to have a personal seal created.  This costs about 4000 yen.  You have to go to an Inkan store (印鑑店) to get one.

Step 5: Automobile Taxation Office, (自動車税務署)

Find your local friendly automobile taxation office and bring all of the above documents with you.  (Each area has their own so you have to ask at the ward office or police station.) Here’s the list again:

1) Receipt (Don’t need but bring just in case.) 領収
2) Orange Transfer Papers, 軽自動車届出済証返納済確認書
3) White Certificate Grant Bill, 軽自動車届出済証返納証明書 (自動車重量税用)
4) Insurance papers, 自賠責保険証明書
5) Inkan, 印鑑

You will have to fill out two forms at the office. These forms are pretty straight forward.  Just copy and paste the information from the orange and white forms into these papers.  Price for forms: 40 Yen.

Step 6: You have to go to another building and show them all your papers.  He stamps this and then sends you to the number plate building.

Step 7: Pick up your number plates at the number plate building.  Price: 550 yen.

Step 8: Put the plates on the bike with your insurance sticker and your free to roam the streets of Japan.  Just watch out for speed traps, red light cops and deadly taxis!

Here are the links in Japanese:

New Registration:

Change of Address:

Deregistering a Junk Bike: (廃車

I’ve compiled all the pictures of the documents you need and what you should have left.  I have blacked out my information for obvious reasons.

************** Pictures *************

What you need to bring to the Automobile Taxation Office:



Resident's Papers

Resident's Papers

Transfer Papers

Transfer Papers


Certificate Grant Bill

Insurance Papers

Insurance Papers

Automobile Taxation Forms to be filled in when you get there:

Automobile Taxation Office small form

Automobile Taxation Office small form

Automobile Taxation Office large form

Automobile Taxation Office large form

Your Proof of ownership papers – what you keep at the end:

Proof of Ownership Papers

Proof of Ownership Papers copy (This is a copy of the Certificate Grant Bill. You keep this when everything is done. Notice the stamp at the top of this paper? The other one doesn't have this stamp. This is the copy. I believe the papers you need to sell it in the future.)

Automobile Taxation Office large form copy

Automobile Taxation Office large form copy

Number Plate

Number Plate

All the best,



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