Yahoo Auctions Japan: Buying a Motorbike in Japan

zdesukedo-img600x450-1237566809wo753b797561Well folks, long time no read.  I have finally bought a motorbike on yahoo Japan auctions.  Curious?  Well read on.

I had to get a Japanese credit card first.  This has been the hardest thing to do so far.

I then began searching for the ideal bike. It had to be just perfect, at a reasonable price…  It was a hard battle between the Kawasaki Balius 250 cc and the Kawasaki ZZR250 cc but the ZZR came a head with a good price at a precious time – the only Saturday i have off for a long time…

I entered my price at the last minute of the auction to ensure the win… But kiss999 came in and ordered the same bid. Fucker… I then was presented with 5 more minutes on the clock… tick toc, tick toc.  I entered a larger sum before the time was up to seal the deal!  But alas, another 5 minutes came up on the final time of the auction…  Fucker…  Damn yahoo and their diplomacy.   In the end, after numerous countless tedious amount of exciting time i sealed the deal…  Finally… Oh my god, what did i just buy?

I have received the email informing me about the buy.  Let’s wait and see what happens next!



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