Short Stories: 7th Year Anniversary

Trapped in a motionless body.  I can’t read, write, move, think.  My body is numb with the thought of losing you forever.  I have no desire, no motive for life.  The thrill has gone.  You were my sun, my center and without you i have no light.  I’m in the dark searching with my arms stretched out for you knowing that you are not there.

As i look at the moon i think of your face and wonder where you are and what you’re doing.  Are you having fun?  How could you be enjoying yourself while i wollow in misery thinking only of you.

I watch the clock waiting for a message, a call, something to make me think that you are thinking of me.  I wait in silence, hoping for a sign that you will come to see me.  The call doesn’t come and no sign is given.

I live in your essence, i smell you as i walk, i feel you on my body when i sleep.  I’m living in a coffin of our past love.

Why is life so cruel?  Why has our love died like the distant past of heroes long buried in the graves of honor.

I’m dizzy, my breath is short, my shoulders hunched, my vision blurry.  I can’t lift my head because i have nothing to look at above the ground.

My heart beats nervously not producing enough blood for my head, arms or legs.  It has crumbled under the weight of losing you.  It has lost it’s desire to beat like it did when you were in my life.

Lance M. Pope – 6 Sept 2008


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