Book Club – The Secret Supper

The Secret Supper
Javier Sierra

I’ve been reading like a maniac as of late. I just finished off this novel today. Here’s what the official website mentions about this book.

“Tightly paced and atmospheric, The Secret Supper is a dazzling historical thriller with a unique vision of both Leonardo da Vinci’s genius and his masterpiece — which you will never look at in the same way again.

Milan, 1497: Leonardo is completing The Last Supper. But Pope Alexander VI realizes
that the painting contains clues to a baffling — and blasphemous — message, which he is determined to decode to execute Leonardo.

The Holy Grail and the Eucharist Bread are missing, there is no meat on the table, and the apostles, shockingly, are portraits of well-known heretics — and none of them are depicted with halos. And why has the artist painted himself into the scene with his back turned toward Jesus?

The Secret is now yours…”

Don’t believe the hype is what i say. Yes, it starts off great but then lags a bit in the middle and then concludes in the end when it was heading for conclusion in the middle. Nevertheless, it was a good insight into The Last Supper. I never knew so much could be pulled out of this painting. I’d have to say It’s better than the De Vinci Code.

Overall Score: 8


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