Club Asia – Shibuya

Thumping bodies gyrate and grind while old men relive their youth – this is Club Asia. As night clubs go, this one wasn’t so bad. The security at the door pats you down before you go in giving you an international feel.

There are two rooms. The first room you enter is small, dark, with a red caboose like bar and dj area that seemed to be the focal point. The staff were what you would expect, young low key hippie types with manga attitude. The second room was a pitch black dance floor the size of a classroom. I was told that this was a special night because it was a motif of bands glued together producing psychedelic ambient music.

Price: 2500 yen with one drink ticket
Service: 5
Music: 8
Entrance Value: 4

Crafty Club Tactics
I asked them how much a drink was before entering the club and they said 500 yen. I used the first drink ticket and there was no problem. I went back to the bar and ordered another drink and they said it would be 1000 yen. I asked why and they said you need two drink tickets for one drink and each drink ticket was 500 yen. I said that i didn’t pay anything extra when i purchased my first drink with the drink ticket they gave me at the door. The bar tender just said no, 1000 yen. I said i’m not paying 1000 yen. He took the drink away.

I met up with the guys i was with and told them what happened. They gave me one of their tickets and i went back to the bar. Another bar tender took the ticket and gave me a drink. After drinking that drink i went back to the bar and bought a drink for 1000 yen. He gave me the drink and a drink ticket. In other words, you have to buy two drinks for 1000 yen. The bar tender gives you a drink plus a ticket. However, this method just seemed to be a bit convoluted for drunk people just wanting a drink. What happened to the KISS method?

Over all score: 5

Club Website:


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