Tour De Tokyo: Tokyo in 10 Hrs

Armed with only a backpack filled with a 2 ltr bottle of water and a map of Tokyo, Zak and Jean, the two Frenchmen i met the other night, and i, set off from Nakano-sakaue on our Tour De Tokyo. Zak was riding the mama cherry (traditional obasan bicycle), Jean was riding the one pedal wonder (one of his pedals broke half way through the trip), and i was riding a white pony.

We smashed up Nishi Shinjuku, made lunch at the First Kitchen in Shinjuku, and whisked off in a plume of gaijin sweat mist to Yoyogi. We busted through the Meiji gates and prayed for a victory Tour de Tokyo at the Meiji Shrine. We then rode a premature victory lap in Yoyogi Park.

We designed some outlandish clothes in Harajuku, taught baseball at Jingu Baseball Stadium, got thrown out of the Gaihin-kan state house in Yotsuya, and met Princes Masako Owada and her charming daughter Princes Aiko Toshi on Hanazo-bori Moat just outside her plush estate in Chiyoda.

We recreated the internet while eating maru sushi in Akihabara, constructed a skyscraper near Tokyo Station, charmed the local talent at Yukakucho, and collected pimp money from our Meikos and Geishas in Ginza. We climbed Tokyo Tower, had vodka, gin and coke at a massage parlor in Roppongi, and bought a Lamborgin in Nishi-azabu.

We loitered in Shibuya and coasted back to Nakano-sakaue for beers, pineapple juice and oj at the bar of all bars.


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